Planting material

          The Zasimovsky basic forest nursery of the Kobrin experimental forestry is located in the village of Zasima, 25 km northeast of Kobrin, Brest region.

     Our nursery sells seedlings of tree and shrub species for landscaping. The assortment includes western thuja (from 0.5 to 2 m), spherical thuja, Cossack juniper, evergreen boxwood, Van Gut's spirea, viburnum spirea, low-growing spirea, forsythia, white and blood-red turf, white hydrangea, spherical willow, weeping willow, holly maple, common spruce and others.


     Information by phone.:

Forestry Reforestation Engineer (8 01642) 74-9-24,
Head of the nursery (8-01642) 49-4-13, mobile +375 29 583-26-53 MTS