Hunting lodge on the lake "Luban"

     In the forest, on the shore of the picturesque lake "Lyuban", the hunting lodge of the Kobrin experienced forestry opened its doors for those who want to hunt and relax in comfort. There are all conditions for visitors: shower cabins, a warm toilet, television. Four rest rooms, a large living room, a kitchen equipped with modern appliances, a sauna — comfort and convenience of your rest. Anyone can relax in the house.


Coordinates of the location of the hunting house: 51.992762 24.604204 V.d.


     Welcome to the hunting complex of the Kobrin experimental forestry!".the phone number of the MTS administrator is (8029)58-33 -505.


     Prices are provided for accommodation in a hunting lodge on the lake. "Lyuban" for citizens of the Republic of Belarus.


Rent of the complex (9 seats)

Price, bel. rub.
1 day 300,00
1.5 days 450,00

Accommodation in okhotdomik (in rooms of ordinary comfort: 2-bed, 3-bed and 4-bed rooms)

Price, bel. rub.
bed-day (1) 30,00
bed-day (1.5) 45,00

Accommodation in a hunting lodge (in a superior room (SUITE) : 2-bed room

Price, bel. rub.
bed-day (1) 35,00
bed-day (1,5) 52,50

Use of a part of the hunting complex (kitchen, hall, bathroom, summer playground)

Price, bel. rub.
for 12 hours for 1 person 15,00

Use of the gazebo

Price, bel. rub.
With a stay on the summer playground for up to 12 hours (without the right to use the premises of the hunting lodge) 40,00

Split firewood (approximate length of the log 40 cm) for use in the barbecue on the territory of the summer playground

Price, bel. rub.
mesh (10 pcs.) 5,00
1 pc. 0,50

Prices for sauna services on the territory of the hunting complex on Lake Luban

Price, bel. rub.
Use of the sauna 25,00 rubles/hour
Rent sheets, towels 4,00 rubles/piece
Bath broom 4,00 rubles/piece

Inventory rental

Price, bel. rub.
Ski rental (with boots), per day 4,00
Bike rental, per hour 2,00
Rental of sleds, ice sleds, per day 4,00