Withdrawal and taxation

Removal and taxation services.

     According to TCP 622-2018 "Technical requirements for forest management. Allotment and taxation of cutting areas in the forests of the Republic of Belarus" p 4.4 allotment and taxation of cutting areas is carried out by forestry enterprises or a state forest management organization subordinate to the Ministry of Forestry, on a contractual basis with the forest user. Kobrin experienced forestry, when organizations apply, provides such services with the conclusion of an appropriate contract. Services are provided for diversion and taxation mainly for other logging (clearing of reclamation channels, agricultural fields, power lines, etc.)


     The taxation of liquid wood is carried out using a measuring fork and an altimeter, a measuring tape and a bussoli. For the taxation of brushwood, trial areas are laid.


     This service is provided to legal entities on the territory of the district on lands not included in the forest fund (according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 437 of 11/23/2020, as well as on lands withdrawn from the forest fund with subsequent cutting of plantings.


     The departure of the team is carried out on the client's transport (stipulated in the contract). The cost of the removal and taxation service depends on the volume of the wood stock and is determined by the volume of liquid wood allocated ( 2.50 rubles per 1 m3). Services for the removal and taxation of brushwood are provided free of charge.


     To order a service, contact: forest management engineer, tel. (8-01642)7-48-63.