The hunting grounds of the Kobrin experimental forestry are located in the southern part of the Kobrin district of the Brest region. In the north, the hunting grounds border on the hunting grounds of the CHUP "Strizh" GOO "OOR", in the east - with the hunting grounds of the SOOO "Avtoset", in the south - with the border strip along the State border of the Republic of Belarus with Ukraine, in the west - with the hunting grounds of the institution "Kobrin ROS" RGOO "BOOR".


     There are four zones in the hunting farm:

  • resting area — 2144.0ha or 5.1%;
  • the zone of preferential management of hunting on ungulate hunting animals - 19779.5 hectares or 46.7%;
  • training area (nataski, nagonki, pritravki and other training), hunting dogs, hunting birds and other animals used for hunting.-1018.6ha or 2.4%;
  • the zone of preferential hunting management for non-regulated types of hunting animals is 19423.2 or 45.8%.

     The staff of the hunting farm is: 3 huntsmen and a hunting engineer.

     The total area of hunting grounds according to the UE "Design Institute "Brestgiprozem" is 42365.3 ha, including 21001.0 ha - forest, 18457.0 ha - field, 2906.8 ha - wetland.

Kobrin experienced forestry provides for rent to citizens of the Republic of Belarus, as well as foreign citizens, the following hunting weapons (for hunting on the territory of the forestry hunting farm):

  • Hunting rifle rifled boar cal. 7,62
  • IZH-27 hunting rifle, cal. 12
  • IZH-43 hunting rifle, cal. 12


Animals of hunting grounds

The cost of hunting permits for one-time permits for the extraction of wild animals of standardized species

Price, bel. rub.
With individual hunting: 15,0
On a corral hunt -
On the capercaillie -
On black grouse -

Стоимость охотничьих путёвок на пернатую и пушную дичь

Price, bel. rub.
Summer-autumn for feathered game (one-time on the day of hunting) -
Summer-autumn for feathered game (seasonal) -
Seasonal hunting permit for a white hare, a hare-hare with the use of hounds with a field diploma in hare and (or) fox, unarmed with greyhounds, hunting birds (from 02.10.2021 to 06.11.2021) 40,00
Seasonal hunting permit for hare-hare, marten of the forest, stone marten, polecat of the forest, American mink, common squirrel, odnatra (from 06.11.2021 to 31.01.2022) 65,00
Voucher for 1 day of participation in the extraction of ungulates 15,00
Voucher for 1 day of participation in the production of fur-bearing animals 15,00
Autumn-winter for fur-bearing game (one-time on the day of hunting) 15,00
Autumn-winter fur game (seasonal) 65,00