For a healthy team

Date: Nov. 16, 2021

     Taking care of the health of the members of your team is the task of every manager. Enterprises and organizations should work without failure, without stopping the process for a minute. In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the problem of ensuring the smooth operation of all areas of production sounds especially relevant.

     Preventive conversations, during which employees can hear reliable information from people's mouths about the coronavirus disease, its terrible consequences, about measures to combat the pandemic and, in particular, about vaccination, ask their questions and get competent answers to them — one of the forms of work that gives positive results.

     The director of the Kobrin experimental forestry Alexander Kulik, subordinate to which there are more than 400 people, invited the deputy chairman of the Kobrin district executive committee Ivan Korobko and the chief physician of the Kobrin CRH Nikolay Brashko to the next meeting held in the Divinsky wood processing workshop.

     108 people work in the Divinsky wood processing workshop, 44 of them have been vaccinated. The percentage is small, which means that it does not give reliable protection and confidence that tomorrow its workers are healthy and will go to work in full and will cope with their task of exporting the next batch of products. The main part of the team is men, on whose shoulders, including the material well-being of their families, therefore, they should take care of their health for them.

     Nikolay Brashko told how the situation is in the area of the spread of coronavirus disease, how many patients are in the hospital today and in what condition they are, answered the questions of the workshop workers, most of which concerned the timing of when you can get vaccinated after the disease, whether you need to take an antibody test before vaccination, what consequences there may be if you were vaccinated without knowing whether you were sick with coronavirus, which vaccine is better and where you can get vaccinated.

     All three vaccines are Russian "Sputnik V", "Sputnik Lite" and Chinese Vero Cell, which today can be vaccinated in Kobrin CRH, approved by the Ministry of Health. The purpose of COVID-19 vaccines is to protect people from complications, severe pneumonia, and deaths. Approved drugs do not prevent infection by 100%, but they protect against COVID-19 in severe form by more than 90%, Nikolay Brasko stressed. Vaccines do not cause adverse reactions and are well tolerated. They differ only in different approaches to their creation.

     In order to vaccinate the workers of the workshop, and these are mainly residents of the agro-town of Divina and nearby villages, you do not need to go specifically to the city, you can get vaccinated in the outpatient clinic and at the FAP at your place of residence.