Recommendations to legal entities

Date: Dec. 15, 2021

     Recommendations to legal entities engaged in forestry on the release of wood on the root for harvesting wood by citizens.

     In accordance with article 44 of the Forest Code, harvesting of wood on forest fund plots by citizens is carried out for a fee on the basis of an order. The release of wood on the root to citizens is carried out during the liquidation of the consequences of natural disasters, cleaning up the clutter of the forest, damaged forest plantations, as well as during other logging (paragraph 8.7 of the Rules of Implementation). The release of wood on the root (by orders) to citizens for harvesting firewood is carried out in the amount of no more than 15 m ^ per household during a calendar year. When determining the areas of the forest fund for the harvesting of firewood by citizens, the advantage is given to areas with the presence of woodwood. It is allowed when releasing wood on the root for harvesting firewood, the presence of business wood. The harvesting of wood and business wood intended for cutting should be carried out by citizens with a length of no more than 1 m. In order to promptly issue warrants to the population in order to comply with the terms of the administrative procedure, forestry enterprises organize early work on the allocation of cutting areas for the subsequent provision of such plots to citizens (at least 3-5 plots for forestry). It is recommended to select sites for harvesting wood by citizens mainly located near settlements, garden associations, highways, etc. Citizens wishing to obtain a forest fund plot for timber harvesting send (submit) to the forestry department, which is responsible for the requested forest fund plot, a written application for the provision of a forest fund plot for forest use, which specifies: the purpose of obtaining a forest fund plot (for harvesting firewood for fuel purposes, for harvesting wood for their own production and (or) consumption); surname, proper name, patronymic (if any), place of residence of a citizen; the type of forest use planned for implementation on the requested site, the amount of forest resources planned for harvesting and the period for which the forest fund site is requested. Forestry within the time limits established by the legislation on administrative procedures (2 days from the date of submission of the application), consider the application and the materials attached to it and, in the absence of grounds for refusal to provide a forest fund site for timber harvesting, provide a forest fund site by issuing and issuing an order to the applicant after they have paid for forest use. When a citizen applies for wood harvesting, it is necessary to offer forest fund plots that are possible for harvesting, as well as, if a citizen wishes, the amount of work to restore order that a citizen can do independently (cleaning clutter, dead wood). The selection and assignment of trees for logging, distribution to business and wood-burning, determination of the volume of wood harvested during tree felling is established in accordance with TCP 622-2018 "Technical requirements for forest management. Allotment and taxation of cutting areas in the forests of the Republic of Belarus". The delineation of the cutting area for logging is carried out by forestry workers and consists in marking with paint the trees to be felled. The designation of the border on the cutting area, the installation of a full-scale forestry sign is not required (paragraph 8 of the Rules of allotment). The method of determining the volume of wood is by the number of trees assigned to the felling. In the case of illiquid wood, brushwood, deadwood, the volume of such wood is determined by the ocular (visual) method. The order is accompanied by a schematic map with the designated boundaries of the forest fund site provided for forest use (paragraph 7 of Article 39 of the Forest Code). After the execution of the order, the transfer of the cutting area to the forest user is carried out (paragraph 3 of Article 69 of the Forest Code), which is carried out by forestry with the preparation of the act of acceptance and transfer of the cutting area (the form was approved by the decree of the Ministry of Forestry of December 19, 2016 No. 77). The removal of harvested wood under the order is carried out after the measurement of harvested wood by an official of the forestry department and making an appropriate mark in the order in the table "Actually harvested and allowed for export" — the name of the tree species, the volume of wood actually harvested on a certain date for its further removal, surname, initials, signature of the official who made the measurement are indicated in the appropriate columns. Citizens carry out the removal of harvested wood by order with a length of sortings of no more than 1 m.